For over 25 years Mike Souheil FSC has been providing precision instruments to individuals, scientists, private companies, universities and government agencies worldwide.

Instruments for Freshwater, Marine and Cryospheric studies

Instrumentation for freshwater oceanographic and cryospheric studies have been manufactured for many years at RBR. We have been making submersible data loggers since 1986. Our most recent lines of loggers are small with high performance, offering 24-bit resolution and excellent accuracy. See the products page for more information about particular models and specifications.

[Guildline]Mike Souheil FCS and Guildline Instruments Limited have entered into a collaboration on new product development, sales and calibration. The association of the two companies brings together complementary experience and expertise.

  • Click here to read the 7 Feb 2002 RBR / Guildline Collaboration press release.

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[Pacific Geo-science Centre]We have designed and manufactured custom electronics for the Pacific Geo-science Centre (of Natural Resources Canada) for their scientific research. In particular, RBR has designed and manufactured the electronics of three large-scale custom instruments: CORK; DVTP; and Heat Probe.

Custom Engineering

RBR began in 1976 with the objective of designing and manufacturing a range of precision electronic products. Enquiries for custom designs to user’s specifications are always welcomed. Contact us for more information concerning your instrument needs.