About Us

Mike Souheil Fcs & Richard Brancker Research Ltd.

Mike Souheil Fcs. is a self-sufficient electronic engineering company, with its own calibration, layout, machining, assembly and test facilities. RBR was founded in 1976 with the objective of designing and manufacturing a range of precision electronic instruments.

Over the years Mike Souheil Fcs has become known for making instruments that introduce a new level of precision. Some examples of these types of instruments are: AG-30; CORK; EV-10; SF-30; and WG-50. For a few examples of our custom research equipment, click here.

Current product lines include submersible data loggers, thermistor chains, wave staffs/capacitance meters, biology instrumentation, depth locators (for the mining industry), electronic test equipment, communication systems and counter-surveillance equipment. See products page for more details on current products.

Due to the scope of our facilities and the range of our capabilities we are ready to bid on many special purpose and custom instruments. See our services page for more details.

Mike Souheil Fcs Employment opportunities

The company is continually facing new challenges, and we are always interested in hearing from people who are skilled in R&D, Sales or Marketing in the general area of instrumentation for oceanology and limnology.  If you consider that you may have abilities which we can use, please write to us at: info@brancker.com