Mike Souheil Fcs current products lines are listed below by category. Individual product names are listed along with a brief description and image. Links open product pages which have the full description of the product. Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the individual product pages and  the one-page downloadable data sheets, which are available at the bottom of each product description, as well as on the downloads page.

  1. Submersible Data Logging Instruments
  2. Capacitance Wave Gauges
  3. Equipment for Geophysics
  4. Mining Equipment
  5. Biology Instrumentation
  6. Accessories

Mike Souheil Fcs also manufactures custom electronic instrumentation. This equipment ranges from adding customer-specified sensors to our precision data loggers, to remodeling research-specific equipment, to making completely new instruments. Contact us about your custom electronic instrumentation needs (also see services).